Development History - Ourpalm Co. Ltd.
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  • Development History
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    • 02月2015,Feb. Merger acquisition with TIANMA to cover hardcore ARPG genre market


    • 05月3 Kingdoms Defense daily turnover hits over a record breaking 10 million RMB
    • 03月Strategic investment with H&R Century Pictures to develop pan-entertainment orientated direction
    • 01月Ourpalm listed 2nd year in a row on Forbes China as local public enterprise showing the most potential
    • 01月Invested in Zhu Chao Games Beijing to further strengthen iOS publishing


    • 12月Certified Key Software Enterprise by the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
    • 11月战龙三国 made over a record breaking 50 million RMB in monthly turnover
    • 11月Stone Age received Golden Plume award for outstanding game of 2013
    • 10月Acquired PlayCrab and Shang Games for over US $400m
    • 02月Merger acquisition with Dovo Entertainment for ~US $130m


    • 08月In House Smart Phone Development 魅力女警 Reached no.1 in China iOS App Store
    • 08月In House Web Game Development 古神开天 officially goes online
    • 08月In House Smart Phone Development 传奇小镇 Dragon Town released.
    • 06月In House Smart Phone Development Stone Age released. Reached top 15 on both grossing and downloads on China apple app store
    • 05月Ourpalm officially trading publically on Shenzhen Stock Market 300315
    • 05月In House Smart Phone Development Angry Piggy Released
    • 04月Ourpalm initial public offering & acceptance on the Growth Enterprise Market under China Regulatory Securities Commission 381
    • 04月吞食天地 Received Golden Web Game award and was dubbed the most anticipated game of the year
    • 03月Ourpalm Launched U3D iOS Game 天狼星任务 which reached 6 on China iOS free charts
    • 01月Ourpalm A-Share application approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission


    • 12月iOS mobile game Silly Boy & 龙珠 released
    • 08月iOS mobile game 水晶消除 released
    • 08月Mobile web game 热血成吉思汗 & 热血足球经理 released
    • 08月Web game platform &lsquo;; newly updated version released
    • 06月Ourpalm official site newly updated version released
    • 05月Awarded prize for Chinese National &lsquo;Silicon Valley&rsquo; top 100 innovators
    • 05月In-house studio &lsquo;Gate 9&rsquo; recognized as top 30 strongest industry leaders
    • 04月魔镜online received Golden web game award and noted as one of 2011&rsquo;s 10 most anticipated web games
    • 03月HY Brothers site released on China Mobile&rsquo;s Monternet


    • 11月Recognized as one of top 3 high class mobile partners to work with in the mobile industry
    • 10月Full acquisition of &lsquo;Fu mu le&rsquo;, China&rsquo;s leading sports web game developer
    • 06月Received $24m Strategic investment from HY Brothers China
    • 05月Acquired South Africa World Cup game mobile rights for China. Released Mid Year.
    • 02月Cross platform version of released
    • 01月HQ relocated to Baifu International Towers in Chaoyang District , Beijing


    • 12月Full acquisition of cross platform developer &lsquo;WoLong Technology&rsquo;
    • 12月Partnered with iPhone App Store as a mobile web game developer
    • 11月Received China Mobile 3G outstanding G3 game award
    • 11月Published &lsquo;Need for Speed&rsquo; mobile and assisted in all aspects of release, promotion and operation
    • 10月Became a priority partner with China Mobile
    • 09月Ourpalm had Highest earning game on China Unicom G java platform
    • 09月Partnered with China Mobile as a provider for paid monthly game packages offered to subscribers
    • 08月Full acquisition of Gate 9 Technology mobile games development studio
    • 04月Obtained partnership with China Mobile channel Monternet for EA games.


    • 11月Partnered with leading manufacturers including Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericson and Samsung as a provider for pre installed games on devices
    • 07月Established priority partnership with China Mobile for mobile games
    • 05月Partnered with Digital Chocolate Games as game distributor for China Region
    • 01月Partnered with Electronic Arts Games as game distributor for China Region


    • 09月MoGuard 2.0 mobile phone software praised by National Science & Tech Ministry of China
    • 02月Established partnerships with, Kongzhong, Tencent and other famous web portals


    • 10月Ourpalm&rsquo;s primary development direction shifted towards Mobile game engine, game development and operations.
    • 04月Government certified High Tech Enterprise
    • 01月Network partnerships with China Mobile, China Unicom, CNC & China Telecom established


    • 12月Ourpalm established as government licensed a telecommunications and information service provider
    • 08月Ourpalm established as a High Tech Enterprise
    • 08月Ourpalm Technology was founded